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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 24, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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sacramento, where he was holed up. here he is being taken out on a gurney. he has been transported to a hospital, then will be taken to jail. sheriff's officials say he went on a deadly shooting and carjacking spree that killed two deputies and injured at least one civilian. deputy danny oliver from the sacramento county sheriff's department was killed. he was a 15-year veteran and leaves behind a wife and two daughters. this all started just before 10:30 this morning, when deputy oliver and a partner were investigating a suspicious vehicle near a motel 6 in sacramento. a man and a woman were inside the car. >> as the officers approached the vehicle, the person inside the vehicle fired several rounds at officer danny oliver. at least one of those rounds struck deputy oliver in the forehead, which caused his death. >> reporter: the suspect then attempted a carjacking, shot the driver in the head, then went to another neighborhood.
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the pair jumped in a red pickup truck. multiple agencies searched for that car which was spotted in auburn. two deputies tried to approach the vehicle and they were shot. one of them has since died. the woman was taken into custody but the man took off. schools in the area wereschools lockdown during the manhunt. officers swarmed a house and eventually got the suspect out. members of both sheriff's departments say it is a very sad day and the motive is unknown. live in sacramento, alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. speaking of searching for a motive, we are learning more tonight about that deadly school shooting in washington state. police say a freshman, a boy, fired shots in a school cafeteria. five students were hit. a girl was killed and three others were critically injured. the shooter, who has been identified as jaylen fryberg, then turned the gun on himself. witnesses say fryberg was a popular boy who had just been elected freshman homecoming king.
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>> at first i thought it was just someone making a really loud noise with like a bag, like a big loud pop, until i heard four more after that. and i saw three kids just fall from the table. >> i don't really know how to comprehend it at this point, you know? >> police are still trying to figure out the motive, why this young man went on this killing spree. fryberg's parents told reporters he had recently been bullied and had been fighting over a girl. at least four people are in custody after federal agents busted a massive illegal pot grow in oakland earlier today. agents with the fbi, u.s. marshals and oakland police served a search warrant at a warehouse on san pablo avenue near meade avenue. the fbi said it couldn't comment on the warrant because the investigation continues, but abc 7 news did see investigators carrying away numerous large burlap sacks full of marijuana. well, security is tight for game three of the world series.
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>> we will have officers both interior and exterior parts of the ballpark, including the parking lot in and around the street itself. we will have officers in undercover clothing. >> by undercover clothing, they may be wearing kansas city royals or giants clothing to make sure fans are not being targeted. police will also be looking for counterfeit merchandise. they also will keep an eye on parking prices. it cost $80 to park near the ballpark at 11:00 this morning and went up to above $100 before game time. royals fans expect a good atmosphere out there at the park today. they want to be treated as they treated giants fans in kansas city. >> we just had a great time with them. they are good baseball fans. they will find we're good baseball fans, too. we want to win but we also want to see a great game. >> that's what matters, right? not everyone is at the game. are you looking at a live picture from mccovey's restaurant in walnut creek. the eatery honors the giants and one of its greats, willie mccovey. >> we have team coverage
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tonight. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman on watching the game from mccovey cove along with sports anchor mike shumann. but we start with sports director larry beil. larry? >> thank you, cheryl. game three of the world series almost under way. we have been hanging out with the fans all afternoon, as you can see the crowd behind me has thinned out as fans are making their way into the stadium. it will be sold out, 42,000 plus. we had a fun time talking with a bunch of the fans who came with families, some came from out of town. some came in costume and let's listen in to some of those conversations. i like the commitment with the body paint. >> it's not the first time. we did the same thing back in 2010. >> reporter: what about 2012? >> 2012, i didn't have it. i was unemployed so i couldn't afford it. >> reporter: how long does it take for you to get your whole body painted up? >> took me about a good hour and a half. we're from sacramento, too, so
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time to get here, you know, good about four hours out of our day. but that's nothing. >> reporter: are you going to be painted up for the whole weekend like this? >> you already know. >> reporter: for sure, right? how long does it take to get this off? >> like three days. >> reporter: that's wonderful. a pleasure trying to scrub that stuff off. >> yeah. i mean, i'm really looking forward to going into work on monday and having orange left over behind my ear, on my cheek. >> reporter: i'm thinking about going full body paint for the parade if there is one. how about you? >> he wonders why he's single. >> reporter: let's talk about pitching because i spoke with manager bruce bochy. he said tim lincecum is okay to pitch tonight because he has the back injury. not sure if he wants to throw to hunter strickland, who can throw 100 miles per hour. it goes in at 100, sometimes goes out at 200. you talked to somebody about the difficulty of hitting a 100 mile
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an hour fastball. >> both the royals and the giants have pitchers that can throw over 100 miles per hour. i always wondered what it's like for a batter to sit there and have to make that split second decision to swing or not to swing. >> that's the sound of former giant terry whitfield connecting on a pitch slightly above 80 miles an hour. he runs a high tech batting cage in burlingame designed to help younger players develop the keen eye it takes to decide when to swing. the speed is just part of the game. >> if the pitcher has a lot of movement, the higher he goes, it becomes more difficult. it all depends on the person that's batting. >> the giants and other major league baseball clubs use a machine similar to this to train hitters how to pick up the right moment to swing. whitfield has developed other machines designed to build the perfect hitter. i have been in batting cages trying to hit 70 miles an hour.
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you can barely get the bat around. it's amazing to me, when they let it go to 100, you almost have to swing before they let the ball go. >> i was going to say the exact same thing. you have to start your leg kick to get the bat going. >> one of the toughest things to do in all of sports. >> no question. we will see if the giants connect against jeremy guthrie. tim hudson will be on the mound for them. we'll have all the highlights later on tonight. that will do it for now. live at at & t park, i'm larry beil. let's go back to wayne freedman, on the other side of mccovey cove, where i'm not sure if they will see the game, but they will have some other beautiful vistas. wayne? >> reporter: there are beautiful vistas. i was just listening, how do you hit a 100 mile an hour fastball when you can't hit a golf ball that's not moving at all? we have been fortunate to see three world series here. i don't think i have ever seen mccovey cove ever like this. look over my shoulder. it's more than a cove at this point. it's more than a marina. it is gridlock.
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most of those fans from missouri have never seen anything like this. >> huge crazy quilt of really great people. >> reporter: a crazy quilt of people surrounding this ballpark on the bay and all that comes with it. mccovey cove is in rare festive form and it began early. >> 3:00 this morning. >> reporter: 3:00 this morning? that's when leon jones of san francisco arrived to make sure he earned the first spot in a growing line to watch for three innings through the right field fence. leon will not be alone. >> this is good for my budget. yeah. the cheapest seats are what, $500, standing room only? >> reporter: this is how much? >> free. >> reporter: speaking of free, the coast guard, the san francisco police and the san francisco fire department established an early presence in the cove to prevent a free-for-all. >> there is etiquette. there is no rules in the cove. >> reporter: take that as gospel from greg keeny, who has recovered hundreds of balls out
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there. or better yet, take it from us. turns out our photographer owns a boat, don't you? shouting just wouldn't do. so enter this floating field of play where by game time, the hazard to navigation may be anyone who simply tries to navigate. is it amateur hour here today? >> absolutely. >> reporter: how so? >> nobody really knows what they're doing. >> reporter: but they are pretending real well. these guys, aaa fans from hanford. you sailed all the way from hanford? >> every inch of it. >> reporter: all the more reason to believe that man if he tells you he caught a home run ball. back live, just thinking, do you remember when the giants proposed this ballpark? critics worried about pollution in the bay from baseballs. they talked about training dogs to retrieve those baseballs. well, that must have been a gross underestimation of san francisco's nautical inclinations.
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the game's about to begin. it's jam-packed. great night to be in san francisco. live from outside the ballpark at mccovey cove, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> just a great spectacle all the way around. thanks very much. throwing out tonight's ceremonial first pitch won't be an ex-player or politician, but a hardcore giants fan. frank burke gets the honor. he's the guy who hauled in travis ishikawa's walkoff pennant winning homer in game five of the nlcs against the cardinals a week ago yesterday at at & t. well, burke gave the ball back to ishikawa, kind gesture, an act that earned him an autographed bat from ishikawa, tickets to the series and tonight's honor, throwing out the first pitch. we have a lot more to get to right here. this friday evening, coming up, waiting for word. two months and thousands of dollars later, what homeowners in napa need from fema right now. also here, the san francisco tour guide whose racist rant in chinatown went viral. she tries to explain what she said and why only to abc 7 news.
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a dublin chp officer under investigation for allegedly sending nude photos of a dui suspect from her phone to his own phone says stealing those photos was part of an ongoing game among officers. that's according to our media partner, the contra costa times. citing court documents, the times writes that officer sean harrington of martinez has confessed to stealing explicit photos from a second dui suspect and that harrington told investigators he had done the same thing to female arrestees a half dozen times over the last several years. the five-year chp veteran is now assigned to desk duty as the investigation continues.
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that tour guide who was recorded making a racist rant through san francisco's chinatown has reached out to abc 7 news to share her story. >> [ bleep ] your little hair salons where nobody in there knows how to [ bleep ] speak english. >> the woman who did not give her name told abc 7 news reporter leaisa gulezian that i was a joke. >> i intended to do it as a comedic portion of the tour. my intention was to talk about the neighborhood, not to address the people in any way that would incite harm against them. >> during the interview she also apologized to san francisco supervisor david chut. the two have agreed to work together to mend relations between her and the people of chinatown. in a facebook post today, he says he's glad she came forward and realizes the need to take responsibility for her actions. it has been exactly two months since a magnitude 6.0
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earthquake rocked the north bay. so many homes and businesses damaged. but the recovery has begun without any federal assistance for individual property owners. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live in napa with one homeowner who says he just couldn't wait any longer. >> reporter: that's right. i'm actually standing in a trench that was dug to help him repair his home, a home we showed you right after the earthquake. it sustained major damage as you can see now. the repair is under way. it's a costly and complex process, including digging new piers many feet under the ground. it's so expensive that many can't afford to even start it. >> so this pier actually went down 96 feet. >> reporter: randy brown is not unlike most of his neighbors and hundreds of others in napa that have significant property damage after the earthquake. in brown's case, the repairs to his 19-year-old house will likely run about $150,000. like 90% of the victims here, brown has no earthquake insurance.
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>> you know what the guys are doing now is just kind of getting us back to ground zero on the height of the house because we have to lift the foundation back up. >> reporter: that involves inserting new piers into the ground, in some cases more than 90 feet down. and then trying to raise the structure with hydraulic jacks. brown is among 1,000 private property owners in napa still waiting for fema to determine whether they are eligible for individual assistance. that assistance could include grants or low interest loans. >> this is actually putting in a new pier underneath the house. >> reporter: unlike many, brown has the money to at least get started on a process that begins with first trying to level a house that's not leaning several inches. >> it's being held down by concrete piers. we have to go in, find the existing concrete piers and break them all out in order to get our lift. >> reporter: a fema spokesman could give us no time frame for a decision and no guarantee that individual napa quake victims will receive assistance at all.
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in napa, laura anthony, abc 7 news. there's a new traffic challenge tonight for levi's stadium in santa clara. the regular friday night commute is maixing it up for fans headig to the 7:00 p.m. college game between cal and oregon. for many, it's their first time heading to santa clara. fans are urged to arrive early and use public transit. this is what it looks like right now. the amusement park is closing its popular friday night event, halloween haunt, to ease the congestion. the valley transportation authority is adding extra service to cope with 35,000 regular weeknight commuters as well as an expected 7,000 to 9,000 additional fans heading to levi's stadium. bring your patience for that. a plan to charge pedestrians to walk across the golden gate bridge is gaining some traction tonight. the bridge's board of directors today voted to explore the idea of charging people who bike and walk across that span. abc 7 news reporter lillian kim is live on the marin side of the
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bridge with the story. >> reporter: this is not a popular idea but it's one that keeps coming back. the reason is simple. it's all about the bottom line. on a busy day, there are as many as 10,000 pedestrians and 6,000 cyclists on the golden gate bridge. the way the bridge's board of directors sees it, they are an untapped source of revenue. charging a sidewalk toll would raise much-needed cash but would locals and tourists pay to do what they currently do for free. what would you be willing to pay? >> i would probably pay five and under at most. >> i don't know. maybe a dollar to walk across. >> reporter: the golden gate bridge district's board of directors is far from coming up with a price. their vote today gives their staff up to three years to explore the idea of a sidewalk toll, from how much to charge to how to go about collecting it. the vote was a close one. several board members like san francisco supervisor david campos says charging people who walk and ride goes against bay area values. >> we actually want to encourage people to walk, we want to
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encourage people to bike. >> reporter: others on the board say with the bridge district facing a five year $33 million budget shortfall, exploring the idea of a sidewalk toll makes sense. >> one should do the math about if you had a $1 pedestrian fee, what that would mean to the bottom line of the bridge. there is a philosophical part of that but you don't know it unless you study it. >> reporter: the golden gate bridge did have a sidewalk toll for decades. people inserted coins in turnstiles which were ultimately removed in 1970 for not making enough money. bicycling advocates say they hope history works in their favor. >> we believe as they study it, they will find as they have in the past that this is just not a viable solution. >> reporter: staff has until 2017 to present their study. lillian kim, abc 7 news. it is baseball weather in the city as you well know. just gorgeous out there. >> it is absolutely perfect. meteorologist sandhya patel, you really delivered. >> i try. thank you, cheryl and dan. hey, yeah, it is gorgeous for game number three tonight.
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it's mild out here, just a mix of sun and clouds. i think things are going to be changing as we head towards game number four. let's take a look at the forecast for tomorrow night's game. we do have a storm coming in tomorrow morning with rain and wind, and tomorrow evening, showers are likely during game number four at at & t park. it will be breezy. temperatures in the low to mid 60s. make sure you have a raincoat and a sweater or jacket just to keep you nice and warm. all right. take a look at live doppler 7 hd right now, just some cloud cover. we don't have any rain just yet. the storm is still off our coastline and this one is really going to come in, it's going to be a wet and windy storm. as we head towards tomorrow morning, the wind will really start to kick up. so wind advisory begins, 3:00 a.m., when you're sleeping, through noon or partying, depending on the outcome of tonight's game, and you can see the areas that are going to be covered. southerly wind gusting to 45
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miles an hour with this, trees and limbs could fall and that could in turn knock down power lines. be careful. lake tahoe cam, right now it's sunny, slight chance of rain tomorrow, gusty winds. lake wind advisory 11:00 p.m. through 11:00 p.m. saturday. we are looking at sunday morning isolated showers. the snow level will be between 6500 and 7,000 feet. maybe a little snow mixing in with the rain. 65 in san francisco right now. 67 in oakland, san carlos, morgan hill, you are in the 70s. san jose, 69 degrees. it's starting to look dark from the east bay hills camera. don't worry, no rain for the game tonight. 67 in santa rosa. 66 napa. 71 for you in livermore. here's the view from the sutro tower camera. the clouds are stacking up. rain and gusty winds tomorrow morning, showers and a chance of thunder in the afternoon and evening hours. dry for game number five on sunday. when you take a look at the timeline, 11:00 p.m. tonight, could be a few sprinkles. really the rain waits until you are sleeping. you might be woken up by the rain and strong winds going through. be aware of the fact that some
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of the rain will be moderate in pockets at 7:00 a.m. that's when the most widespread rain occurs. we get a little bit of a breather, then the showers come through. saturday at 5:00 p.m., slight chance of thunderstorms, best chance in the north bay. we can't rule it out in san francisco. as we head towards sunday, few showers early in the morning are long gone. it's going to be clear and cool for game number five sunday night. rain totals, very high on the north end, low -- i should say high on the north end, low on the south end. north bay mountains, three quarters of an inch to an inch and a half. most lower elevations between .15 and .50 inch. santa clara valley, .05 to .15 inch. tomorrow morning, mid to upper 50s. watch out for the wind, especially if you are driving. tomorrow afternoon, windy, scattered showers, cooler weather. low 60s to low 70s. accuweather seven-day forecast, you can put the umbrellas away on sunday.
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and really, through most of next week, it will be mainly sunny, milder. halloween right now looking dry for the little ones going out trick or treating but we will keep you posted as we get closer to that. dan, cheryl? >> thank you, sandhya. stay here. keeping calm. michael finney has two ways to help.
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you probably don't call in sick, right? career builders is out with a list of the most unbelievable excuses for calling in sick. some of the best include these. employee accidentally got on a plane. employee woke up in a good mood and didn't want to ruin it. >> that's happened. >> employee had a gallstone he or she wanted to heal holistically. employee put the uniform on fire putting it in the microwave to dry. and employee had been at the casino all weekend and still has money left to play with monday morning. >> are they trying to pass those
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off as good excuses? they seem very reasonable. >> let's keep the good mood going. giants in game three of the world series. what else do you need to get the weekend off to a great start? >> michael finney could help. >> come on. >> i'm giving away free -- no. we do have more than $200 worth of stuff. let's begin with this. this is eye and lip motion. what it's supposed to do is make sure the skin around your eyes, your lips and the skin around your lips are hydrated to reduce dark circles, puffiness or wrinkles. contains organic vitamin a and it's supposed to help with sun damage. this stuff is not inexpensive. it goes for $75. >> what? >> for you it's free. >> give me that. >> see if it's as good as i have heard it is. now, yoga. let me show you some video here. yoga tree has got locations all
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lopreventable medical errors,hey all lnow the third leadingse of cause of death. only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to make sure impaired doctors don't treat someone you love. safeguards against prescription drug abuse. and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes. i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46.
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coming up, an abc 7 news followup. a 49ers ticket scandal involving san jose's top police brass. the action taken today after a
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story we broke last night. and who's behind an effort to mandate the drug testing of doctors? 7 on your side's michael finney takes a closer look at california's proposition 46. that's all coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. giants legend and baseball hall of famer orlando cepeda took time out to bring cheer to sick kids in san leandro. >> the george mark children's house bridges the gap between home and hospital, offering medical care in a family-friendly setting for seriously ill kids. >> the giants teamed up with the starlight children's foundation to donate a mobile entertainment center to the children's house. giants mascot lucille helped do the honors. it was a big hit for the patients and their families. >> this place is special with me and i know many other families. it's hdpeso many people. to see them interacting and helping out each other. that's really cool. >> it is really cool. the center offers games and dvds
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to help kids pass the time while at the house. thanks for joining us. welcome to "world news tonight." the high school shooting. the students running from their school. what played out in that cafeteria? the suspect, the freshman homecoming prince. the football player. we're on the scene. and the hatchet attack in new york city. seven seconds of horror. who was he doing this for? what we've just learned. why they're now calling this a terror attack. the ebola case in new york. a city of more than 8 million. the young doctor's steps. took the subway, went bowling. quarantined at the airport. and the danger, the lava tonight. thousands on alert and what our correspondents saw firsthand. and is your home for sale without you even knowing it?


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